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Designed for commuters, Joyride uses large buttons and integrates with your car using Bluetooth or an AUX cable.

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Joyride is your drive-time companion, delivering high quality audio content to enrich your daily commute.


  • Mohsin Maqbool

    "Better than Pandora I like to listen to stand up comedy while I drive and had been listening to Pandora for 2-3 years but it becomes repetitive. Joyride has full stand up specials and it remembers where you left off on each channel. 5 stars."

    Angel Galindez

    "Great App, Get IT!!! Hard to believe this app is free! If you like listening to stuff other than music on walks and drives, get it. It's my new goto app for walking the dog's :-D"

  • Kelly Watkins

    "Love this app! ! How cool it is to be able to listen to your favorite speakers wherever you go. Even my local pastor is on here."

    Adrianna Shannon

    "Smooth Streaming I love that it starts when my Bluetooth headset connects. Fills my day with news, fun and information. It even remembers where I left off."

  • Oscar Perez

    "Very interesting I'm not sure how I ended up down loading this app, but ever since I installed it, I listen to it every day. It has helped me learned many new things that I didn't know I was interested in. Thank you."

    Kim Hall

    "Joyride is a very enjoyable application that adds positivity and uplifting motivation to always always be growing, inspiring, and to live life vivaciously and with gratitude for all the blessings we have to share with our world"

  • Brent Bates

    "Amazing I happened to come across this through a different application and I am so glad I did I'm a critic when it comes to application's for me to give something 5 stars means something which I've barely & rarely do. Enjoy"

    Micaiah Anderson

    "FINALLY This app has answered so many of my needs. This app is so awesome and I love listening to all the channels"

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